BADGES for SCS F5 & GEN5 Center Cap

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BADGES ONLY (Center caps not included)

Printed design protected by clear polyurethane. Comes on sticker backing sheet


Badges for the SCS F5 & GEN5 CENTER CAPS


  1. Ensure that the center dimple on center cap does not have a raised point. May be necessary to knock off the point on the center dimple that is caused from manufacturing for a clean look.
  2. For best adhesion, make sure the adhesive is being adhered to a completely clean and dry surface
  3. Butt up one end of the badge to the center cap recessed face and center the rest of the edge. 
  4. Lightly lay the badge down and apply pressure only to the center of the badge. 
  5. From the center, apply pressure outwards to push any air that may be underneath.