The CVC Performance Tune (a.k.a. CVC Tune) was developed in the Bay Area over several months of development. With the specific characteristics of NorCal roads in mind, we modified the original 2.0 OV Tune by tailoring in what we needed to handle the constantly changing road grades. Since its official release in February 2021, it’s been tested and approved by drivers across the US as well as those in Canada with similar terrain.

Note: CVC Tuning, LLC has tunes available for 3rd Gen Tacomas ONLY. The CVC Tune is designated for automatic transmissions only -- for manual transmissions, check out the Coyoza Tune.

Better Throttle Response
All 3rd Gen Tacoma owners should be familiar with the delay/lag in the throttle response when you’re trying to get on the highway, merge into traffic, or beat a yellow light (I know we’ve all been there). The 2.0 OV Tune corrected this and the CVC Tune made it better by modifying the throttle curve for a more consistent response. While most customers are satisfied with the CVC Tune as is, it can be modified to be more or less sensitive depending on your preference.

No More Gear Hunting
“Gear hunting” is the inconsistent (and annoying) shifting in gears caused by the lack of power in higher gears and excess power in lower gears. It happens in the mountains, on hills, and hell, it even happens on the freeway. It drives us all crazy and the CVC Tune is here to soothe that pain. We noticed gear hunting was still present with the 2.0 OV tune and adjusted the shifting points so your truck holds the correct gears more appropriately. With more logical shift points, you can say bye-bye to fighting with your truck and let it drive the way you want and expect it to.

Consistent Power Delivery
Tacomas are not underpowered so we’re not looking for peak power here. Believe it or not, at WOT, these trucks and many of these tunes actually perform the same. They’re just under-utilized. How power is delivered and where it’s delivered is what’s important. With the CVC Tune, we focus on consistent power delivery through all ranges. This was especially important in our environment with the constant changes in grades. We needed our trucks to follow what we do, and respond when we wanted it to.

How does the CVC differ from other tunes?
Our shift points are favorable amongst drivers and while our tip in isn't super aggressive, it's much better than factory. With our focus on improving your overall driving experience, we aim for consistent power delivery, not to maximize power. We have the smoothest tune on the market for automatic transmissions. The CVC tune holds its own in cities, flats, and deserts, making it a solid tune for a better overall driving experience.

How does it affect MPGs?
A majority of drivers typically see an increase of 1-2 MPGs, some drivers have reported no change, and very few have reported a decrease. This is dependent on driving style, fuel variables, truck weight, and environment (terrain, altitude, headwinds, etc).

Note: Contact us if you experience an unusual reduction in MPG and we can troubleshoot to bring your MPGs back to normal. Keep in mind that if you’re smashing on your gas pedal because you like the CVC Tune so much, you will likely see a decrease in MPGs!

What if I change my tires? Do I need to pay for another tune?
We do not want to discourage anyone from changing their set up, or modifying their truck. After all, that's why we buy our Tacoma's right? (Well, some of us). All of our Official CVC Tuners on our map offer the same support for our local communities. This means troubleshooting and retunes for changing your tire size and gear ratio are FREE!

If you were previously tuned by us and want to upgrade to the CVC Tune or another tune, reach out to your tuner! We'll just charge you the difference for the upgraded tune, so you DON'T have to pay the full price twice.


Flash Services:

* TACOMA 2016-2024 (3RD GEN) - $450 USD

* TACOMA 2005-2015 (2ND GEN) - $450 USD

* 4RUNNER 4.0L 2009-2019 (5TH GEN) - CVC x Tuned by Loi 4Runner - $500 USD

* 4RUNNER 4.0L 2020+ (5TH GEN) - CVC x Tuned by Loi 4Runner - $550 USD

* TUNDRA 5.7L 2007-2021 (2ND GEN) - CVC x Tuned by Loi 4Runner - $450 USD

  • Highly Enhanced version of OVTune 2.0

  • Reflashes stock ECU for better drivability

  • Improves throttle response

  • Increases low to mid end torque

  • Increases peak HP

  • Smooth & linear power band

  • Increase cruising MPGs 

  • Octane Learning (no need to choose regular or premium)



  • ECU update via Toyota TSB - $50 USD (free during tune flash)

  • Customizations via Techstream service - $25 USD (free during tune flash)




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