Formed in June of 2020, YotaWerx Tuning (YWT) is a partnership of Toyota enthusiasts based out of El Paso, TX.  They were one of the first companies to offer flash services of the OrangeVirus (OV) tune.  As OV (now vF Tuner) transitioned the company away from building tunes to focusing on creating industry-leading software, this paved the way for YWT to build its own enhanced, branded tunes.  They started off by creating one of the best (if not THE best during its time) manual transmission tunes for the 3rd Generation Tacoma 3.5L, which they named Coyoza.  This was so popular that it was sold off to a competitor and today, YWT offers its flagship YotaWerx tunes in various flavors: Active Duty, Weekend Warrior, and Stryker.  These tunes are meant to provide a strong, smooth driving experience without compromising superior drivability and reliability.  We know that there are multiple “other” branded tunes on the market.  YWT may not be the loudest, but they separate themselves from the rest with a commitment to customer support across their network and are quietly building an army of customers who stand by the quality and effectiveness of YotaWerx tunes. 


Flash Services

* 3rd Gen Tacoma 2016-2024

- 3.5L 6AT & MT "Blackhawk" tune - $500 USD
* Naturally Aspirated 3.5L
* "Weekend Warrior" & "Active Duty" versions

- 3.5L 6AT & 6MT YotaWerx "Stryker" tune - $1000 USD
* Forced Induction 3.5L with Magnuson supercharger
* 90mm pulley, 87mm pulley

* 2nd Gen Tacoma 2005-2015

- NA 4.0L YotaWerx tune - $500 USD

* 5th Gen 4Runner 2010-2019/2020+

- YotaWerx Tune - $500 USD (2010-19MY) - $610 USD (2020+MY)

Note: Select 2WD 4Runners may not be currently supported based on ECU ID's.
* "Weekend Warrior" & "Active Duty" versions; nicknames inspired by our proximity to Fort Bliss
* dynographs available @ https://www.4runners.com/threads/yo...s-development-and-feedback.21473/#post-284139

* 2nd Gen Tundra, 5.7L

- NA 5.7L 6AT YotaWerx tune - $500 USD

* 4th Gen 4Runner V8

- NA 4.7L 5AT YotaWerx tune - $450 USD
* "Weekend Warrior" & "Active Duty" versions
* VVTI models

Techstream Services

- ECU update via Toyota TSB
* free at time of tune flash
* if customer is not receiving a tune, this service is $50 USD
- customizations via Techstream
* service performed for $25 USD

Future Support

- 5th gen 4runner, Magnuson supercharged
- 2GTundra, Magnuson supercharged



YOTAWERX Network Map