2016+ Tacoma Fuel Cap Cradle

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LIFTd Fuel Cap Cradle is a simple and easy to install solution designed to hold your OEM fuel cap on the gas door during refuel. The cradles are manufactured using Multi Jet Fusion Black PA12 Nylon Plastic allowing them to withstand chemicals (fuel of course) and high temps. They can flex without breaking, but with the retaining tab installed behind the fuel door rib and door clip screw installed, any play will be prevented.



3rd Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacomas



**Warning: The phillips head screw is known to be installed extremely tight from factory, be careful! Recommended to use a #3 Phillips bit and go slow to prevent stripping the screw head**

  1. Remove Phillips head screw from inside fuel door.
  2. Slip the cradle righthand side tab into the inboard side of the fuel door rib.
  3. Line up the cradle’s left tab hole (On top of the door retaining clip)
  4. Reinstall Phillips head screw.

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