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TOYOTA 4RUNNER 4.0L 2009-2022 TUNE

CVC Tune 3.0

  • Enhanced version of OVTune 2.0
  • Reflashes stock ECU for better drivability
  • Improves throttle response
  • Increases low to mid end torque
  • Increases peak HP
  • Smooth & linear power band
  • Increase cruising MPGs 
  • Octane Learning (no need to choose regular or premium)
  • Option for Gearlock in Sport Mode - Truck does not automatically change gears in sport mode and will retain gear selected until commanded. 


  • Ries Lighting

    From the friendly customer service, to the extensive knowledge Jimmy Posses, you’ll definitely be pleased with his services Jimmy Installed the CVC Tune in my 2020 Sr5 4Runner. I’m at about 8” of lift, with 35” HEAVY mud terrains and steel 17×9 wheels. I have 4:88 gears, and some minor bolt ons. They took my info, and custom tailored the tune for the mods I have. Although it’s too soon to tell what all the benefits of the tune are (You have to complete a full drive cycle for the computer to Learn and adapt to your driving habits) I did immediately notice a smoother powerband from the low end to high end. And I noticed a little more kick in the mid range area. I filled up immediately after the tune and took a nice long cruise around the island to get a feel. And it definitely feels better with smoother, more accurate shifting points instead of it hunting for the right gesr I opted for the manual shift unlock feature as well, so I can now have a true manual shift without the transmission automatically bumping it up to the next gear while in manual mode. What does this mean? You can squeeze that extra power at a higher rpm per gear, even though it’s a tank anyways lol.
    Thank you Jimmy, and I highly recommend this tune!

  • Kristine

    Aloha, will you be offering 2021 4Runner tune in the near future? Mahalo!

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